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As a Saanich Councillor
my number one priority will be housing.

Our record low vacancy rates are driving rents through the roof. The days of treating developers as the enemy need to come to an end. We need to encourage higher density development while at the same time working with other levels of government to get co-op and other forms of affordable housing built here in Saanich.

As a homeowner I served for seven years on Langford’s planning and zoning committee.
With the able leadership of Mayor Stew Young I saw how development could be done in a way that enhanced public amenities including parks and trails while at the same time keeping taxes low by growing the residential and commercial tax base.

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    Lower Taxes
    Affordable Housing

    "As someone who has lived most of my life in Saanich including the last five years as a condo owner, I want to bring the same kind of discipline to Saanich as I saw in Langford, a government that lives within the means of taxpayers while at the same time ensuring a steady increase in housing and other amentities that make a community a joy to live in.”

    Reduce Red Tape
    Abolish the EDPA

    “In addition to reducing taxes, I will cut red tape. The EDPA has been a costly exercise in bureaucratic redundancy. Provincial and federal regulations coupled with municipal tree by laws do a more than adequate job of protecting sensitive ecosystems. We do not need to burden home owners with another bureaucratic boondoggle that serves as a make work project for biologists and consultants. As a Saanich Councillor I will vote to abolish the EDPA.”

    Improved Service
    Greater Accountability

    "As a Saanich Councillor I will ensure that front line staff are given the resources they need to provide top quality service to the public.
    I will also ensure much greater accountability regarding the decisions made by both Saanich and the CRD" - Mike Geoghegan

    On Your Side

    Mike Geoghegan worked for seven years at the BC Legislature including four and half years as Chief of Staff to a cabinet minister. For the last twenty years he has worked as a government relations consultant helping companies, associations and First Nations in their dealings with government particularly in Victoria and Ottawa.

    Amongst his list of many accomplishments are:

    • Supporting
      BC Farmers

      Assisting with the launch of the
      Buy BC Program to help British Columbia’s agricultural sector

    • Improving
      Health Care

      Increased funding for MRIs in
      British Columbia in order to reduce wait times

    • Affordable
      Job Training

      The implementation of an Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit
      in British Columbia

    • First Nations
      Finance Authority

      Assisted with the creation of the
      First Nations Finance Authority which was modeled on the BC Municipal Finance Authority to help bring much needed infrastructure to Canada’s First Nations

    • Lasting Results

      The resolution of the Okanagan Indian Band’s Boundary claim

    • Economic Growth

      The awarding of a multi billion dollar Coastguard ship construction contract to Seaspan

    Greater Accountability
    Fairness and Transparency

    "Saanich does not enjoy the greatest reputation when it comes to doing things in a timely, fair and transparent manner, nor does the CRD. As an elected Saanich councillor I will be bringing much greater accountability, fairness and transparency to both City Hall and the CRD.

    Anyone who thinks Saanich currently deals with people in a fair and timely manner hasn’t been paying attention. Similarly the current billion dollar sewage boondoggle the CRD has been orchestrating has already wasted millions of taxpayers’ dollars: link

    Every Saanich resident deserves to be treated fairly. A city where some people receive the inside track and others are met with a closed door is neither fair nor ethical. Proposals should be based on their merits not the proponents connections to City Hall.

    Of all the stories I have heard about the questionable antics at Saanich City Hall none is more egregious than the planting of spyware on a newly elected Mayor’s computer.

    As is detalied in this report: link B.C. Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham slammed the district's 'near-complete lack of awareness' of privacy laws in her report.

    The fact is that the planting of this spyware was a malicious act that was hastily covered up and defended by many of the incumbent council, most notably Vic Derman-- something I confronted him directly on. As a Saanich Councillor I will not tolerate this sort of reprehensible conduct.

    I believe that everyone should be treated in a fair and reasonable manner and as a Saanich Councillor I will ensure that Saanich cleans up its act and starts treating all our residents in a manner which is both fair and transparent." - Mike Geoghegan